About Keter Diamonds Buyers

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Keter Diamonds Dallas has been a Dallas Fort worth diamonds, gold, and silver buyer for over 35 years. No diamond buyers, Dallas Forth worth has to offer will pay as much as Keter Diamonds Dallas.  In jewelry buyers, Dallas Forth worth has countless options and we encourage our customers to shop around and see how our offer matches up.  We buy engagement rings.  If you are asking yourself,  “Where do i sell my engagement ring?”,  come in our office because Mr. Ramy Robinov is internationally known for his knowledge in buying and selling diamonds.

Keter Diamonds Dallas welcomes anyone who is looking to buy diamonds or sell diamonds.  Whether $1,000 or $1,000,000 you should get the most for your treasure.  Our continuous involvement in the diamond trade allows us to pay with confidence top dollar for your diamonds.  Getting an offer from a true daily diamonds dealer is essential in getting the most for your diamond.

Diamond buyer in dallas

Ramy Robinov – Owner and veteran diamond buyer. 

Our office is comfortably and securely located at the LBJ freeway and monfort intersection of North Dallas. Any appointment is in our secure location,  free of by-passers.  People come to us from all over the DFW metroplex.  From cities such as: Frisco,  Plano,  Colleyville,  Southlake,  Addison,  Farmer’s Branch,  Garland,  Fort Worthand other surrounding cities.  When coming to our office you can be sure that privacy is upheld. All of our meetings are held in our safe private offices where all entrances are regulated.

Diamond buyer secure office

Secure and Private Diamond Buying and Selling office.

We welcome you and your family to come see our large selection of Diamonds.  As a longtime diamonds wholesalerKeter Diamonds Dallas  is able to offer you the most attractive price for and diamond you desire.  We don’t only buy diamonds, but we also sell Diamonds.  Many of our selection is imported from the State of Israel Diamond market.  From GIA certified diamonds to gorgeous loose diamonds we carry diamonds in all kinds of colors, clarity, cuts, and carats.

Sell Your Jewelry

When coming into our diamonds office, you can be sure to feel security and confidentiality.  We are located in a secure diamonds dealers building and entrance into our diamonds and jewelry buyers office is only by remote approval.

we buy loose diamonds
Loose diamonds

We have been in the business of buying and selling diamonds since 1984.  We make sure that you feel as comfortable as home when coming our diamond and jewelry buyer dallas office.  Any amount of business is appreciated and we never make someone feel odd for bringing in even the smallest amount of gold or small size diamonds.  when it comes to selling jewelry and diamonds that are very expensive, you can be sure that cash will always be be an option.  no amount is too much for us to pay,  and we are known around town for paying on the spot.  Our jewelry and diamond grading process on average takes no more than a few minutes.

What We Buy:

We buy all authentic Gold, Platinum, and Silver jewelry:

We buy diamond rings
Solitaire Diamond Ring
We buy engagement rings
Diamond ring accented with small diamonds


Whether buying diamonds from the public or buying diamonds from a dealer,  we provide an honest offer.  We allow the seller of the diamond or the buyer of the diamond make a very attractive deal.  Keter Diamonds LLC has been around for of 35 years.  We carry a large stock of certified and uncertified diamonds.  Buying diamonds and selling diamonds daily.

What We Sell

For over 35 years Keter diamonds has been selling loose diamonds to diamond dealers in DFW and diamond dealers all over the United States.  Over the last few years,  Keter Diamonds has opened its doors to the public.  People nowadays prefer to be more engaged in the building of their jewelry and choosing their diamonds.


100 total carat diamond necklace
100 carat diamond necklace built for a customer

When buying diamond jewelry,  it is important to realize that an investment is being made.   We will make sure that your investment in diamonds is going to be smart and according to your budget.  We will discuss with you the options of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamonds you will purchase and their affect on your budget.  You will be able to choose from many designs of jewelry.  this budgeting of your diamond jewelry results in a much wiser investment, and ultimately a lot more bang for you buck!

What we sell:

We are able do produce endless designs of diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and ear rings.

  • We sell loose diamonds

  • We sell big diamonds

  • We sell melee diamonds

  • We sell fancy colored diamonds

  • We sell diamond rings

  • We sell diamond engagement rings

  • We sell diamond fashion rings

  • We sell diamond ear rings

  • We sell diamond studs


rose gold ring dallas
1.53 carat “chocolate” diamond set in a fine rose gold halo ring.


  • We sell diamond hoop ear rings

  • We sell diamond pendants

  • We sell diamond bracelets

  • We sell diamond tennis bracelets

  • We sell diamond necklaces

  • We sell diamond tennis necklaces

  • We sell platinum diamond rings

  • We sell platinum diamond engagement rings

  • We sell diamond men’s rings


Custom Rings old mine cut and fancy yellow we buy diamonds we sell diamonds
Antique pair ring – over 2 carats of diamonds (left)
Fancy yellow diamond ring – over 4 carats of diamonds

Come to Keter Diamonds and save up to 75% of what other retail stores charge for jewelry.  We will walk you through the process of buying jewelry.  The options of designs are endless.  We are a diamonds wholesaler and a long time Dallas diamond dealer.  Get wholesale prices for retail jewelry. Buy one, two, or one hundred pieces for a price no one can beat!

Contact Keter Diamonds

Keter Diamonds LLC


Appointments highly recommended!

Buying and Selling Hours:
Mon : 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Tue   : 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Wed : 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Thu  : 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Fri    : 10:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Please provide your phone # so that a live member can call in order to assist you with any needs.

We will never give away your phone number with out your consent.  Likely,  you will never be contacted by a robot.  You will only be contacted personally by one of our employees.