Diamond Ring

A lot of people wonder where is the best place to sell a diamond ring in Dallas.  Around town people with experience know that Keter diamonds is the best place to sell a diamond ring.  When selling your diamond ring, we will examine and calculate the amount of carats that the ring is made up of.  Secondly, we will check of what type of metal the ring was constructed.  Our expert will accurately grade your diamonds or gems.  After gathering this information about your Jewelry,  we will provide you with the highest bid possible.  If you have a GIA or EGL certificate in most cases you will be able to receive more cash for your diamond, since we will save money in not having to certify the diamond.

When coming into our Dallas diamonds office, you can be sure to feel security and confidentiality.  We are located in a secure diamonds dealers building and entrance into our diamonds and jewelry buyers office is only by remote approval.

We have been in the business of buying and selling diamonds since 1984.  We make sure that you feel as comfortable as home when coming our diamond and jewelry buyer dallas office.  Any amount of business is appreciated and we never make someone feel odd for bringing in even the smallest amount of gold or small size diamonds.  when it comes to selling jewelry and diamonds that are very expensive, you can be sure that cash will always be be an option.  no amount is too much for us to pay,  and we are known around town for paying on the spot.  Our jewelry and diamond grading process on average takes no more than a few minutes.

What We Also Buy:

We buy all authentic Gold, Platinum, and Silver jewelry:


Whether buying diamonds from the public or buying diamonds from a dealer,  we provide an honest offer.  We allow the seller of the diamond or the buyer of the diamond make a very attractive deal.  Keter Diamonds LLC has been around for of 35 years.  We carry a large stock of certified and uncertified diamonds.  Buying diamonds and selling diamonds daily.