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Beyond the 4 Cs

When evaluating diamonds, there are other characteristics to look for beyond the 4 Cs. These characteristics can include the following:

  • BRILLIANCE & FIRE - The fiery appearance of the diamond is affected by the way the light is refracted by the inherent characteristics of the diamond. A stone with supreme brilliance will always be more valuable.
  • DEPTH AND TABLE RATIO - The values for depth and table ratios are important for the reflection of the light back to your eye, otherwise known as the sparkle effect.
  • FINISH - Diamond finish primarily concerns the polish and symmetry of the stone. Both of which affect its brilliance and appearance. Symmetry deals with the relationship of each cut to the other. Imperfections of symmetry can include having too many facets, off-center cutlets and tables, misaligned crowns and pavilions. The polish of a diamond directly affects the ability of light to pass through and be reflected or refracted in the diamond.
  • FLUORESCENCE - A diamond with fluorescence can take on a bluish appearance. In some cases fluorescence can cause the diamond to look oily or milky. A strong fluorescence  can reduce the visual appeal and value of the diamond.
  • IMPERFECTIONS – The location, size and type of the imperfections affect the visual appeal and value of the diamond. Desirable locations for imperfections will be in places near edges or where the prongs will mount. Visually imperfections fall into two category- white and black.
  • LAB CERTIFICATES - The lab that assigns the certification can affect the value of the diamond.