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Evaluating Diamonds

Consider the following tips when shopping for diamonds:

  • Evaluate the lab that assigned the grade of the diamond.
  • Wear clothing that is black, grey or white and evaluate diamonds against white backgrounds. White backgrounds with neutral colored clothes allow you to better see the color of the diamond. If your background or clothes have other colors, the diamond you are evaluating can pickup other clothes and influence perceived color in the diamond.
  • Evaluate the diamond unmounted. Verify its exact carat weight. Observe the clarity by looking for inclusions that might normally be hidden by a mount or the cut of the diamonds. Look at the diamond from the side to evaluate tint.
  • Consider the girdle and cut of a diamond when judging “proper spread”.
  • When you have a chosen a diamond, see it in the mount before making the final decision.
  • Inclusions in a diamond can be like a fingerprint or birthmark that identifies diamond or makes it unique.